Identity Guard vs Lifelock

You could lose a lot of money and time; two of the most priced commodities in life if your identity is stolen. Then what do you think is the best thing to do to keep them by preventing a theft of your identity happening. Your answer is just as good. To protect yourself or children from Identity thieves is the best thing you can do for yourself. Nobody wants someone else posing as them or committing crime with their names or squandering your hard earned money by using their cards and posing as them. How can you protect yourself? You might ask. Well there’s a simple answer- Identity theft protection services. There are just two top priced Identity theft protection services which are the best and most effective when it comes to safeguarding your identity. These identity protection services are Identity Guard and LifeLock. They are just about the same price range but it now boils down to which one of the two should you go for? Which possesses better feature that beats the other out of the market? There’s just one way to find out; comparing what both has to offer.

Identity Guard and its Offers

Having thrived well for 9 years in the market gives this protection service a good edge over LifeLock as it has drawn to it millions of users who see it as the best. It also offers a $1 million dollar service insurance in case of certain mishaps while protecting your identity from criminals. It offers three major plans:

  • Identity Guard Total Protection: This plan offers you the primary identity theft protection which covers for stolen wallet, your social security number tracking, online black market monitoring and assistance of the victim. It also alerts you on attempts on account takeovers and against LifeLock it only doesn’t cover for changes in address.
  • Identity Guard Essentials: this plan offers you monitoring services of identity theft and your credit cards. You are can get three credit reports and scores from all the three credit bureaus which makes it better than LifeLock which gives you only one credit report once in a year in its ‘Advantage’ plan.
  • Identity Guard Platinum: This plan offers everything you can possibly find in Identity total protection and more. With this plan, you are eligible to monthly credit reports and scores.

Lifelock and its Offers

Depending on your taste and financial capacity, you might want to go for LifeLock but you have to see its features first to make that decision. Just like Identity Guard, LifeLock offers three major plans too which are:

  • LifeLock Standard: This plan offers to cover for sudden address changes, stolen or lost wallets, and abuse of social security number. The internet’s black markets here serve as a platform on which your information is monitored and you don’t only get privacy against certain offers on your credit cards but you also get $1 million service guarantee.
  • LifeLock Advantage: This plan just like Identity Guard Essentials offers you monitoring services on both identity theft and your credit cards. But unlike Identity Guard Essentials it gives you access to one credit report and scores once in a year. Although this plan alerts you on account breaches and fraudulent attempts on your credit cards. This feature Is an added benefit which Identity Guard Essentials doesn’t offer.
  • LifeLock Ultimate Plus: this plan offer everything LifeLock advantage will give and more. With this plan you are eligible to monthly scores and reports from all the three existent bureaus. It covers for family related accounts and take you off mailing list while giving you a uninterruptible phone support which is a deal breaker feature.

Now looking at these two identity protection companies which are known as the best in the business of protection, they both possess amazing feature but bottom line is LifeLock despite its recent birth has been seen to be the better one. Therefore its LifeLock all the way.

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