Why Meal Delivery Makes Sense

So we’ve all experienced the challenges of dining-out, from finding parking space or walking a few blocks from your place, to waiting for a table, waiter, and finally, the food, to waiting for your bill, and so on. Even when you decide to avoid all that hassle and order from the comfort of your home, that deed has its own set of consequences; you’ll be waiting for food that’s most likely cold, soggy, or made from preservatives, salt, and additive ingredients, which is an unhealthy diet of course.

Moreover, even when we decide to cook nutritional meals for ourselves, a wonderful idea often turns into a bit of a challenge itself. Particularly for single parents, a couple, or even a student, with a tight budget and a busy schedule, meal delivery services are a lifesaver in a lot of ways.


Taking you away from grocery planning and shopping stress, delivery services send the freshest greens and healthy eatables to your doorstep, which is no less than a dream come true. It is not the act of cooking food that makes us lethargic; it’s the prepping part that makes us want to pick up our phones or walk a few blocks to grab an unhealthy bite (that we often regret later on).

Easy to Cook

Meal delivery services are the best thing that can happen to people with little or no kitchen experience. They handle all the prepping and cleaning to ensure a great meal cooking experience.

For instance, Sun Basket, an organic produce meal service guarantees a 20-minute mealtime and stands up to that guarantee by pre-grounding cauliflower so that you won’t find the need to take out your food processor.
Proportionately Eco-friendly
Whether we are dining out or have ordered or made something for ourselves, studies have shown that approximately half the food we make, eventually goes to waste. To avoid food shortage in any way possible, we tend to overestimate our diet repeatedly.

This results in excess food that we eventually throw away due to spoilage. This lifestyle is the complete opposite for long-term sustainability. It leads to the consumption of harmful disposable utensils, and worse, wastage of food. Thankfully, meal services such as Terra’s Kitchen guarantee 100% recycling, and can play our part in sustaining our planet, all the while enjoying a delicious meal.


The average cost of lunching in the United States is $11.14 per person, this means approx $60 per week and about $3,000 per year! The saddest part about this is that most of the time it’s not even good for your health.
Even if you attempt to make a nutritional meal for yourself at home, the cost and time it takes to plan, shop, prep, cook, and clean up later will be higher than availing meal delivery services such as Hello Fresh and Green chef that start from $8.74 per meal.

Moreover, subscribers get to enjoy their set of ingredients of their desired meal plan at their desired time.

Deliciously Satisfying

A meal delivery service does not only provide the convenience of a healthy meal at the comfort of your home, but brings a delightful experience to our doorstep. It takes care of our diet for us, by allowing convenient and healthy ways to cook our meal – in minimum time, with minimum wastage – these services are truly worth our time and money!

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