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  • Preferred pet insurance of the American Animal Hospital Association
  • Insures dogs and cats of all ages
  • Offers policies that cover exam fees
  • Full dental coverage and portion of holistic care
  • Registration and enrollment can be done online
9.7 Excellent
4.9/5 stars
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  • One of the fastest growing pet insurance companies in North America
  • Reimbursement-based policies starting at $32/month for dogs and $28/month for cats
  • Founded by former CEO of the Kentucky Human Society
  • Develops partnerships with top quality veterinary practices and animal shelters
9.3 Good
4.7/5 stars
  • Evaluated preexisting conditions and may cover them after 12 months without any symptoms
  • Personalized policies where you can adjust annual payouts and deductibles
  • Does not require the use of in-network care providers
  • Offers diminishing deductibles
9.1 Good
4.4/5 stars

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