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In the past, there was one way to fix crooked teeth: braces. While braces are still commonly used today, invisible aligner brands are emerging to challenge those metal wires. Among them is Candid, a clear aligner brand that cuts out office visits and allows you to do the whole process from home -- all for thousands less than braces. But unlike other direct-to-consumer clear aligner brands, Candid offers remote monitoring by an orthodontist throughout treatment.

Candid treats a variety of issues, including spacing/gaps, crowding, protrusion, and even discoloration.

How does Candid work?

To get started, you’ll visit one of their 28 Candid Studios, where a member of their team will talk to you about your goals, take a diagnostic scan of your teeth, and answer any questions you have about treatment. Following your appointment, that scan will be sent to an orthodontist licensed in your state to evaluate your case and design your custom treatment plan.

Before ordering your aligners, you’ll be able to view that treatment plan and see what your projected final result will look like. If you like what you see, you’ll approve your plan and get your aligners shipped directly to your door, along with everything you’ll need to remotely keep your orthodontist in the loop throughout treatment.

If you’re not near a Candid Studio, their Starter Kit allows you to tackle the entire process from home. The Starter Kit includes everything you’ll need to take dental impressions of your teeth that you’ll send back to be evaluated by your orthodontist.

Does Candid really deliver results?

Check it out for yourself. Candid has a 4.8/5 star rating, a page full of before and after photos, and some great quotes from patients about their studio experience, treatment outcomes, and more.

With an average treatment length of 6 months, Candid treatment takes about half the time braces or in-office alternatives would. Because you check in remotely with your orthodontist frequently, your aligner change schedule can be adjusted along the way, which in some cases makes treatment go a little faster. The speed of the treatment is considered a plus for Candid customers.

With fewer trips to a dental office, most people find the treatment comes with far fewer headaches, without sacrificing the expert care you’d receive in office.

While Candid does not have a money back guarantee, they do have a satisfaction guarantee. That means they’ll work with you to achieve the outcome promised in your treatment plan with a process called refinements. Refinements are basically additional aligners added to the end of your treatment to get you over the finish line.

Final considerations

Candid treatment is very reliable overall. With remote monitoring by an actual orthodontist, the brand goes beyond what many customers expect from remote treatment. They even treat discolored teeth with an included bottle of whitening foam customers swear by.

The aligners themselves are easy to wear and are virtually invisible. Since the customer is largely in control of their own treatment, great results will depend on how strictly the patient adheres to his or her prescribed treatment. Aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat or drink. This can be a big commitment, but an important one where results are concerned.

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