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In the past, there was one way to fix crooked teeth: braces. While braces are still commonly used today, invisible aligner brands are emerging to challenge those metal wires. Among them is Candid, a clear aligner brand that cuts out office visits and allows you to do the whole process from home. Candid offers two pathways: an at-home starter kit that includes all the materials needed to take dental-grade impressions from home, and the Candid Studio, which is an in-person storefront where you can get a scan taken of your mouth for free. While traditional braces can cost anywhere from $2,000–$5,000 on average, Candid aligners come in at $2,400 total, which includes a free retainer.

How does Candid work?

Candid can treat a number of issues, including spacing/gaps, crowding, protrusion, and discoloration. There are two ways to get started.

If you want to get started from home, you can order their starter kit - originally $95 on sale for $33.25. That $33.25 gets you all the materials you need to take molds of your teeth, plus you’ll get an evaluation of your case by a licensed orthodontist and a 3D model of what your treatment will look like. The kit purchase is risk-free, so if the orthodontist evaluating your case doesn’t think Candid is a good fit for you, you’ll be refunded in full.

If you’d rather skip the dental impressions, you can visit one of Candid’s studios for a consultation where they’ll take a digital scan of your teeth. That consultation is free and there is no commitment to buy your aligners during the visit.

However you decide to get started, your impressions or scan will be sent to the orthodontist assigned to your case for evaluation. If your case is approved, they’ll use those records to create a 3D treatment plan. The 3D plan is a visualization of how your teeth will shift throughout the course of treatment.

If customers like what they see, they’ll purchase their aligners for $2,400 (which can also be paid in monthly installments of $99/month). Candid will then craft your aligners and mail them to you all at once, rather than waiting for aligners a few sets at a time like you would with in-office treatment. As soon as you receive them, you can get started, switching out aligner trays every two weeks.

When you finish treatment, Candid offers the first set of free retainers to enjoy long-term results.

Does Candid really deliver beautiful teeth?

With an average treatment length of 6 months, Candid treatment takes about half the time braces or in-office alternatives would. The speed of the treatment is considered a plus for Candid customers. And Candid won’t take you on if they deem your case too complicated for their remote method. They currently turn away about 20% of cases due to complexity, suggesting those customers seek treatment in person to ensure their case is overseen in person.

Customers are also drawn to the price of the Candid treatment. Compared to braces and other clear aligners, Candid can save you thousands of dollars. With the simplicity of having the aligners accessible at home, without actually having to see an orthodontist, most people find the treatment comes with fewer headaches as well.

Most importantly, they’ll work with you to achieve the outcome promised in the 3D treatment plan with a process called refinements. Refinements are additional aligners at the end of treatment, and Candid doesn’t charge for them.

Final considerations

Candid treatment is very reliable overall. With the first set of retainers offered for free, the brand goes beyond what many customers expect. They even treat discolored teeth with a whitening solution included with the aligners at no extra cost.

Candid braces are also easy to wear and are virtually invisible. Since the customer is largely in control of their own treatment, great results will depend on how strictly the user adheres to his or her prescribed treatment. Aligners do need to be worn for 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat or drink. This can be a big commitment, but an important one where results are concerned.

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