The Best Identity Theft Protection Services for 2019

Crimes involving Credit cards and social security numbers are on the increase and it turns out that 2019 has brought with it a list of different identity theft protection companies that offer amazing services that keep your financial data safe. A study carried out on three different companies and their services have shown promising results and can tell you which the best is for the year 2019. This study was carried out on the following companies: identity Force, LifeLock and Identity Guard. These companies were studied using different parameters.

Identity Force was found to offer a comprehensive monitoring service of your personal information and financial activities. It gives you updates every four months concerning your credit reports and scores. Although it sends in few alerts as regarding account activities.

Meanwhile, the LifeLock plan known as LifeLock Ultimate Plus was found out to offer the best services on monitoring of your personal accounts. This includes investment and financial accounts. It isn’t so liberal with credit reports and has accumulated a lot of negative feedback from its users.
It was also found out that Identity Guard Platinum comes with an antivirus software as it gives fresh credit reports every month. Despite the previously mentioned amazing feature, it disregards the monitoring of important categories which other identity theft protection services cover.
Now if your personal information has been hacked as a result of a breach in data, then hiring one of these services to safeguard your financial data is worth the cost. You can opt to do the monitoring yourself but it is quite time-consuming and you might not have all that time in your reserve.

What do you look out for while hiring?

These Identity Theft Protection services which were studied were found out to monitor your credit files and watch out for criminal activities that are linked to your personal information. They all alert you using emails, SMS text messages and have mobile apps to aid your monitoring. But certain services vary in a lot of ways such as monitoring of bank credit card and investment accounts, continuous presentation of your credit reports and the number of credit agencies they are affiliated to.

The Best Overall Identity Theft Protection Service:

Identity Force UltraSecure+Credit was found out to be the best overall protection plan as it provides excellent protection at a reasonable price. Identity Force also offers the services of a two-factor authentication this one of its deal breakers. It also protects your account using an anti-keylogging software and a credit-score stimulator that alerts you of activities on your credit card. Identity Force despite its other amazing features, its SMS alerts are not frequent and it doesn’t make available a composite creditworthy score.

The Best Data Monitoring Protection Service:

LifeLock Ultimate Plus has the highest price but its data monitoring is the best as it monitors all kinds of data. If you happen to have retirement and investment accounts then LifeLock Ultimate plus is your best bet. Unlike Identity Force, it offers a composite credit score. It monitors your credit files with all three credit bureaus but you can only get your full credit reports once in a year which is what some other identity theft protection companies offer for a good price. Unlike identity Force, LifeLock does not possess a two-factor authentication either does it offer a service that involves a credit-score stimulator.

The Identity Theft Protection Service with the Best Tools:

Identity Guard Platinum has been found out to be the plan with the best tools for monitoring your credit files. It gives you monthly credit reports and offers a three-bureau credit score. It has so many utilities that include an anti-keylogging software, a credit-score analyzer and it gives absolute coverage of lost money if your identity is stolen under their care. Although it uses the best of software to protect your personal information, it doesn’t monitor the activities on your credit card or bank account.

Looking at these three identity theft protection companies, identity Force was singled out as the best as it possesses a deal break service that makes it the best amongst the rest.

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