Top Credit Cards That Offer Identity Theft Resolution

Identity theft resolution might seem impossible but it is indeed possible. When this happens to you, you have to go through the rigors of fixing credit reports, attending to bogus charges, recovering your stolen funds if they were stolen. Most of the times, you are asked to send letters to different agencies to aid you the recovery of your identity. Restoring your identity can take quite a while and sometimes days depending on the severity of the theft case and how it is being handled by the Federal Trade Commission.

Recently, some credit cards have come to the rescue thereby shortening the time wasted to get your identity restored. Two top credit cards are known to assign identity theft specialists who will work with you through every step to recover your identity. They are there to guide you as you go through recovery process. These top credit cards are MasterCard and Citigroup.


According to this company, they offer two different levels of identity theft resolution. This includes; the MasterCard ID Theft Protection and the full ID theft resolution.

The MasterCard ID theft protection program: This is open to all MasterCard holders and suggests that you call 1-800-MasterCard for any case of identity theft whether or not it originated from your card. An identity resolution specialist helps to provide you with an affidavit for identity thefts and also provides you with all the information you need concerning the step by step recovery of your identity. Contacting your credit bureaus will be their next line of action in order to get you a copy of your credit reports.

Full ID theft resolution: Master Card with the help of other cobranded credit cards provides you with a bigger way to resolve you identity theft dilemma. Customers who can opt for this option have the ability to let their identity theft specialist wield a limited power of attorney which gives them the power they need to solely resolve your identity theft problem. The specialist has access to your credit report and scrutinizes it on your behalf while checking out for compromised reports and financial statements. They do all the work while you only fold your hands and inspect their progress. MasterCard doesn’t limit your financial losses which are tied to identity theft.


Citigroup: This only renders assistance and won’t do the restoration for you. They only make the processes simpler for you so you do not stumble against rocks while you are at it. Citigroup customers just like those of MasterCard can report an identity which doesn’t originate from their own credit card. If you happen to be their customer and a victim of identity theft, then calling the Citigroup Identity Theft Hotline is one big step to your ID resolution. The specialists check out your credit card reports for fraud once you’ve laid a report and advice you on how to contact credit bureaus for a copy of your credit reports. They might go as far as completing an affidavit that shows that you were a victim of identity theft. Your bank or ones related to your accounts will use the information provided on the aforementioned notarized document to resolve your problems which must have emanated as a result of the theft. They can follow up your report, keeping tabs on it and letting you know if a fix happened or not. This simply helps you to go about your resolution in a better and faster way.

There so many credit cards out there that offer identity theft resolution but the top two are the ones already mentioned and the best amongst all is the MasterCard as it gives you two options to speed up things for you. While Citigroup tells you to do it yourself, MasterCard tells you can chose to do it yourself while we guide you or we could handle everything for you. now that’s what being the best looks like.

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